With long experience in the marine chemical industry we can offer a complete
range of chemicals on major ports covering:

  • Water Treatment
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals
  • Biological Environmental Products
  • Chemical Equipment, Test Kits, Dosing Units

ADERCO (Fuel Additives)

With more than 30 years of experience ADERCO is supplying to marine market
with fuel additives improving fuel efficiency performance and sustainability.

ADERCO 2055G is designed to solve fuel related problems before during and
after combustion.

ADERCO L1050 is designed to address the loss of lubricity encountered
with low sulphur and ultra low sulphur fuels.


Vacuum Toilet cleaning program for maintaining your Vacuum Toilet system
and does not damage the pipe work, toilet mechanisms or biological sewage treatment plants.


Hamburg based MARTECHNIC was established in 1997, as an independent
and fast growing company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for Fuel,
Lub & Hydraulic Oil Management.

MARTECHNIC’s test kits enable users to test and evaluate Fuel, Lub & Hydraulic oil on site freeing operators from the inevitable delay & dependence of analysis
through external laboratories.

WAAGENE (Purifiner Technology)

Purifiner is a “bypass” oil maintenance system that connects to a hydraulic
or lubricating system to remove water and particles continuously.

The Purifiner maintains the oil quality by continuous removal of particles,
free and emulsified water, sludge and acids.

Benefits: Reduce operating costs and consumption, reduce maintenance cost, enhance life of equipment, provide considerable benefits.


A comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of the marine and offshore industry covering:

  • Fuel Analysis
  • Lub Oil Analysis
  • Potable Water Analysis & Quality Monitoring
  • Foam Sample Analysis
  • Cylinder Oil Drain Analysis (CODA)
  • Sewage Effluent Test Kits
  • Ballast Water Testing Solutions